3 Research proven tips for productivity

Your productivity defines your life's work and who would want to compromise that. In this article, we gather research-backed ways to become more productive.

1 Relax

Time is the most limited resource. But there is so much to be done. We overcome this limitation by working harder, in continuous marathon sessions. More work hours lead to insufficient sleep, which in turn impacts energy levels and performance. Research shows that adequate sleep and taking out time for rejuvenation improve productivity. Stanford researcher Cheri D. Mah found that male basketball players significantly improved their game when they slept 10 hours a night. Napping during the day improves vigilance and memory test results. Longer naps, about 60-90 minutes, lead to superior benefit than shorter 20-30 minute naps. Vacations have a similar effect. In an internal study conducted at Ernt & Young, each 10 hour increment in vacation time improved supervisor rating of employee performance by 8 percent. So, try to take a break every 45-90 minutes, and go on a vacation every few months, if not weeks.

2 Get over the diy disorder

Some people, especially with the entreprenuerial spirit, have an innate desire to do everything themselves. Instead, unless a task needs you specifically, it should be delegated. If you are a businessman, you have to get to the point of making the business run itself. You should focus on innovation and profitability. This means hiring the right people from the start and empowering them. In any other profession, your focus should be making the most of your skill sets. Leave everything else to others or collaborate with people who can supplement your skills in uninteresting or out-of-skill tasks.

3 Be happy

Research has shown that happiness makes people more productive, thereby strengthening the causal link between human well-being and performance. They also found that stress, bereavement, and illness in the family reduces performance. Become happier.

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